Nowadays a lot of people get acquainted on the Internet. Nevertheless, some men still do not know how to find the right approach to the woman they like and to gain favor with her. In this article we will give you ten simple but effective tips in order to help you to achieve all these tasks.

1) Find your common interests. Think about what common topics for a conversation you and your interlocutor may have. It can be anything. For instance, art, favorite books, etc. The sooner you find the thematic points of contact with the woman, the faster you engage her in a long conversation.

2) Write and speak as politely as you can. Women always feel pressure and impudence. If you act like this, they will most likely interrupt you and quit the chat because they cannot stand it.

3) Forget about fake smiles and gestures. Talking to the girl you like try not to use too many gestures and smile sincerely. The more restrained and calmer you behave, the sooner she will trust you.

4) Tell what kind of a relationship you are looking for. The woman should understand what you expect from her, so tell her about your intentions in as many details as possible. If you are embarrassed to talk about it then write a text message.

5) Do not praise yourself too much. Tell honestly about your life, job, habits and so on. You should not try to seem better than you really are because all your secrets will be revealed at a meeting in person.

6) Tell your interlocutor something interesting and personal. Women are fond of frank conversations and believe that men who can talk about these things are worthy of respect.

7) Avoid too close contact at the very beginning of the conversation. Intimate jokes and compliments in the first minutes are never the recipe for success.

8) Explain the woman why you have chosen her. They like when men consider them to be one and only. You can also give her some neutral compliments. It will make the process of acquaintance easier.

9) Share your photos. The avatars in users’ profiles are often of poor quality, so they are not suitable for evaluating a person’s appearance. Choose a few clear and beautiful photos and send them to the girl. There is an opportunity that you will receive her photos in return.

10) Do not be too ingenuous. Excessive simplicity in communication alarms women and makes them doubt that their interlocutor is clever. Select a neutral style of communication at the beginning and then proceed according to the situation.

All these secrets of successful online dating are just the beginning. Nevertheless, following the tips will definitely help you to succeed in an online conversation at the beginning and make a good impression on women. The main thing is trying not to be nervous and confused and everything will be fine!