People all over the world love Omegle, as it is one of the most popular free video chat resources. Quick connection, video chats, the ability to select a country and region of the interlocutor, chatting with guys and girls (including gays), all of these is this is only a short list of benefits of Omegle.

Unfortunately, not all users are nice and polite there. You can find an interlocutor you will like only by following the rules of communication and etiquette. What are these rules?

Do not take everything too seriously. Omegle is the platform attended by people from all over the world. Do not show emotions and take everything to heart. If your interlocutor is rude, finish the conversation, maintaining anonymity.

Other basic rules and recommendations that should be followed in Omegle are following:

* It is not recommended to show something that can reveal your identity somehow. You should understand that communication in the chat needs anonymity. Your personal data, including contact phone number, address of residence, last name and other personal information should not be available to the users. Make sure that your interlocutor does not see your passport, driver’s licenses, badge and so on.

* Avoid misbehavior if you communicate not in mode ‘Adult / Unmoderated Chat’. In an ordinary chat it is not allowed to send anything obscene, including intimate photos or porn content. You must understand that the subsection ‘Adult / Unmoderated Chat’ is not moderated. However, in ordinary chats there are special administrators who monitor the content.

* Be polite to new chat users. Omegle is a common Internet platform suitable for the beginners as well. If your interlocutor faces difficulties in setting up a webcam, do not leave the chat, help him to understand the technical and software features.

* If your interlocutor is rude, do not be afraid to disconnect. You should take into account that Omegle has more than 6 million users, so you will always be able to find an interlocutor.