A profile picture is the main photograph of your profile in Omegle and Chatroulette, the choice of which should be approached with all care.

What rules and recommendations should be followed to choose the main photo of the profile correctly?

What aspects should be paid attention to when you choose the profile photo?

The correct profile photo is a key factor in progress and the object of attracting potential interlocutors. That is why you should not attach as a profile photo the first available picture.

The choice of the main photo is an important event, which should be given special attention.

When you choose the photo, take into account the following:

– a remarkable accessory. To attract the attention of the users, use a bright detail in your image (a piece of clothing, lipstick, a hat, etc.);

– the size of the photo. Your image should be at least 70-80% of the total size of the photo. The profile photo, first of all, shows your appearance, not the background (trees, sea, sights, etc.);

– choose high-quality and sharp images. Remember that a good photo will look perfect even in a small format;

– do not attach a photo with a bright photon as a profile photo. You will get lost in such a photo. Try to give preference to the photos with a single photon;

– a black and white or color portrait drawn with a pencil or brush;

– ‘alive’ profile photos, where you smile, show something or experience positive emotions;

– a posture in full face would be remarkable. What is more, it is also better to put a picture in the place of the central photo, where your image is ¾ size;

– do not upload an intimate or too frank photograph as a profile photo in no case. Firstly, it is very vulgar, and secondly, you risk being blocked by a moderator.

If you decide to change the profile photo for some reason, inform your regular interlocutors about it.