Communication in chats like Omegle and Chatroulette has become commonplace for modern people. To start a fascinating conversation, you do not have to go outside, get acquainted in a café or feel awkward. It is enough to enter a chat, choose an attractive girl and start a conversation. What to ask first of all, so that the lady becomes interested in you and wants to continue the conversation?

General recommendations

Your questions should be original, not like questions from other guys. Any girl in a video chat can communicate with a large number of people.

You can ask non-standard and even provocative questions without going beyond the bounds of decency. Questions may relate to the appearance, name of the girl, her hobbies, occupation and so on.

Politeness is first and foremost. Before you start a conversation, do not forget to say hello, give a compliment to the girl, note what you really consider attractive (for example, unusual eye color, a neat hairstyle or a pleasant voice).

What questions are allowed to be asked first

Here are some specific examples:

  1. What is your favorite color? The question will make her think; in addition, it is easy to develop any topic for an interesting conversation.
  2. What is your favorite food? Most girls love delicious desserts, so you will definitely find something to talk about.
  3. Please tell me about your favorite animals, including pets. Any girl will be happy to share her emotions and impressions of animals.
  4. What would you like to do in life in a few years? The question is a bit like an interview, but it is not so: it will be interesting for a girl to discuss this topic, moreover, you will easily know her attitude to a family, children and other important things.
  5. Which countries have you visited, and which would you like to visit? Talking about travel always promises to be attractive!
  6. Questions about character traits and personality will help to get to know the girl better. How sociable are you? How do you prefer to relax? Do you like calm walks? All these questions are valid and will quickly help you to find a pleasant interlocutor.

What questions should not be asked, especially at your first meeting?

It is better not to ask questions about political and religious beliefs, about the views on relations between men and women – all these are topics that can provoke a quarrel. Take into account that the first questions should be as neutral and friendly as possible.

Following these rules, you can easily meet a nice girl in a video chat, interestingly talk with her and, possibly, arrange a real romantic date. For complete success, do not forget to be interested in the hobbies of the interlocutor.