Video chats for dating and friendly conversations are services where you can have a great time, communicate with new people from different cities or countries, and find your soulmate. However, first of all, you have to find common topics to start a conversation with a stranger. What question can a girl ask?

Useful Tips

First of all, do not be afraid to ask questions first! In the modern world, there is no longer prejudice, so a girl may well take the initiative herself.

Ask questions that can be answered in a detailed manner. Otherwise, your imagination will simply run out, and you will no longer be able to come up with the next topic for conversation.

Do not be interested in personal things, this can offend the interlocutor and put him in an awkward position. If you see that it is unpleasant for a guy to answer your question, it is better to gently transfer the topic to a more neutral one.

Before you enter a video chat, think over a list of topics in advance, so you will not be silent with the next person.

What questions are allowed to be asked first

Here are some examples:

  1. How do you feel about active lifestyle? Do you like to play sports? Such a question is especially appropriate to ask guys with a slim figure: rest assured, he will be happy to talk about it!
  2. What do you like about girls? So you not only learn a different opinion, but also understand whether this person is right for you.
  3. Do you like your work (study), and what exactly attracts you to your occupation. A person spends most of his life at work, so he will be happy to tell you about his features.
  4. What foreign language would you like to learn and do you know other languages ​​besides your own? The question will be appropriate to ask guys who correctly express their thoughts and prefer to communicate with people from other countries.
  5. What does kindness, love, affection, respect mean to you? These are quite complex questions, but you can give detailed answers to them, moreover, from the first phrases your conversation will not be banal.
  6. Questions about travels, countries visited by people, sights and natural beauties. All this will help to develop a meaningful conversation.

What questions should not be asked, especially at your first meeting?

During the first meeting, do not ask the guy about the salary or the existence of a permanent relationship, his goals of using the chat (a lot of guys simply do not know how to answer the last question correctly). You should not be interested in issues of religion and politics, events from the past, features of appearance.

Thus, a lot depends on the first conversation in the video chat. You can start a long-term romantic acquaintance, or you can just communicate with several people in the evening and cheer yourself up.